February 13, 2019
A Typical Day for Renovation Contractors

Unsung heroes toiling from the early mornings to late afternoons, to ensure absolute perfection for our built environment. Their day begins with a hearty breakfast and the quintessential kopi-o.

Distribution of tasks.

Work begins at the crack of dawn. The lead contractor gathers the men to distribute the work-order for the day, safety briefing is conducted.

A project schedule for the day is given, equipment are drawn from the toolbox, and the men go to their respective work location to begin on their task.

The lead contractor surveys the site for any safety hazards, before moving on to the next job-site. This cycle is repeated throughout the morning for every single job-site assigned to the lead contractor.

Supply Management.

Throughout the day, supplies are being ordered and delivered to various job-sites. The lead contractor manager has to ensure that every job-site gets the right amount of materials to work with.

Because without building materials, work cannot be conducted, and precious time would be lost as a result of poor plannings. Materials also have to be stored in a safe location.

Renovation Waste Disposal.

A huge amount of waste is generated everyday during the renovation process. A proper waste disposal system is crucial to maintain an organized job-site.

Clean-ups are done daily and debris that needs to be disposed daily are dealt with, while the rest goes into a pile-up that will be disposed at one go.

Work Review and Renovation Hiccups.

It is common for work-order to be changed at the very last minute, and it is the duty of the lead contractor to ensure that changes are communicated to the team in a timely manner.

Close collaboration between lead project manager and lead contractor ensures that work is done in accordance to the project scope, and that any hiccups along the way are dealt with in a swiftly.

Work review is also conducted daily on the different job-sites to ensure work quality is kept to the highest standard.

Next-Day Work Scheduling.

Just when the day is about to end, work progress is consolidated and checked. Stock check of materials is conducted and planning for the next day begins.

This daily cycle carries on till the renovation is completed.

Not An Easy Job.

To ensure that renovation is perfection, lead contractors require more than just the typical traits of a good renovation contractor. They need to possess top-notch skills to resolve issues in a speedy fashion, demonstrate the highest level of leadership skills, and the ability to troubleshoot and come up with solutions.

Many of these contractors are never given thanks for the work that they put in, so do put a word of gratitude towards your contractor if you ever get the chance to.

Emil Cecil Lim

Projects, Lead Project Manager



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